A city of stories and legends

The legend of Mantilla

In Cartagena, every street has a story and every story its main characters. Calle de la Mantilla, home of LM Boutique Hotel, owes its name to a great love story.

In 1658, Don Juan Pérez de Guzmán, governor of Cartagena, fell in love with María de Encarnación, the daughter of Don Baltasar de Soriano, a prominent representative of the Spanish Royal Finance Administration. Don Juan asked him for the young lady’s hand in marriage. Time went by but the wedding never came to pass. Some time later, Don Pérez de Guzmán was named governor of Puerto Rico and, without giving notice, sailed from the city on the first galleon to depart. María de Encarnación, heartbroken at the departure of her beau, strangled herself with the silk shawl—mantilla—she wore every morning to go to mass. As it turns out, her heinous lover had not only left her but left her pregnant too. Since then, the street has been called Calle de la Mantilla.