The terrace
Views and rest, a lofty experience

From our terrace you can watch as the sky and the ocean breeze weave themselves among the centuries-old roofs of colonial mansions. You can admire the majestic steeple of the Santa Catalina Cathedral, an architectural and historical icon.

Open kitchen
A unique experience

The LM Hotel open kitchen offers its guests the chance to interact with the kitchen team and take a fun cooking class. All you need to do is make an appointment at any time during your stay and decide on which dishes you’ll be preparing. You’ll learn how to cook with new flavors, experimenting with all the Cartagena savor the hotel boasts. Afterwards, you will enjoy the fruit of your labors in the dining hall or the terrace upstairs, paired with an exquisite glass of wine.

Relaxation and rest
Delight the senses

LM Hotel’s rituals have all the mystique of the traditional Indonesian techniques and essences. Our holistic massages are designed for physical and mental wellbeing, developed for stress reduction, vitality, and relaxation. Our masterly masseuses are there to make our guests’ stay even more exquisite.

Playa Manta
Escape to paradise

Playa Manta, on the Rosario Islands, is a destination conceived to provide guests with true rest and relaxation. The still waters that surround this island are rich in marine flora and fauna. In addition, you can enjoy water sports like fishing, diving, or a relaxing swim. The hotel has private yachts that offer all the comfort that an intimate trip merits, be it with family or friends.